NECN Shuffles News Anchors, Adds Investigative and Consumer Units

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New England Cable News has announced changes to its anchor lineup. The network also announced that they have launched an investigative reporting unit as well as a consumer reporting unit.

The most notable change is the swap of morning and evening anchors. Current evening anchor Latoyia Edwards is moving to mornings alongside Brian Shactman and Chief Meteorologist Matt Noyes. The new morning team will anchor from 5:00-9:00am Monday through Friday, effective April 27th.

“Our new morning team is the next step in the evolution of NECN and is just the beginning of our new focus,” said Kenny Plotnik, VP of News at the network. “The team of Latoyia, Brian and Matt will bring a new energy to mornings with a focus on breaking news, weather and original content.”

The station is also shuffling around its late morning and early afternoon anchors on “necn TODAY.” Bridget Blythe will anchor the 9:00AM hour with Chief Meteorologist Matt Noyes, Brian Shactman will anchor the 10:00AM hour with Meteorologist Nelly Carreño, and Latoyia Edwards will anchor the 11:00AM hour alongside Carreño. The station’s noon broadcast will now be anchored by Bridget Blythe and Steve Aveson with Meteorologist Nelly Carreño.

The 4:00PM newscast will be anchored by Mike Nikitas and Steve Aveson, making the pair the first male anchor team in Boston in over a decade. Meteorologist Nelly Carreño will provide the forecasts during the 4:00PM hour. Nikitas will also anchor necn Business at 6:30PM.

Current 5:00AM and 6:00AM anchors Kristy Lee and Brian Burnell will move to the 5PM, 6PM, and 7PM newscasts. The 9PM newscast will be anchored by Kristy Lee and Mike Nikitas.

NECN also announced the addition of an investigative reporting unit and a consumer reporting unit. The investigative unit, featuring reporter Ally Donnelly, will partner with the New England Center for Investigative Reporting to expose government failure, wasteful spending and corruption, among other issues relevant to viewers across New England. The new consumer unit, which will feature anchor/reporter Leslie Gaydos, will advocate on behalf of local consumers, warning them of rip-offs and scams and helping them save money.

The revised anchor schedule is as follows:

5AM – 9AM: Latoyia Edwards, Brian Shactman, Matt Noyes

9AM – 10AM: Bridget Blythe, Matt Noyes

10AM – 11AM: Brian Shactman, Nelly Carreño

11AM – 12PM: Latoyia Edwards, Nelly Carreño

12PM – 1PM: Bridget Blythe, Steve Aveson, Nelly Carreño

4PM – 5PM: Mike Nikitas, Steve Aveson, Nelly Carreño

5PM – 6PM: Kristy Lee, Brian Burnell

6:30PM – 7PM (NECN Business): Mike Nikitas

7PM – 7:30PM: Kristy Lee, Brian Burnell

9PM – 10PM: Kristy Lee, Mike Nikitas


  • It’s unusual for a “Chief Meteorologist” to not work the weeknight evening newscasts.

    I think the late Don Kent of Channel 4 was the only other Chief Meteorologist I can ever recall in Boston TV who worked mornings and middays instead of the evening.


  • I miss Bridget in the morning with Brian. It was a lighter show with her there. I like Latoya better in the evenings when news has a little more serious tone to it.


  • Lucinda McKenney

    I really miss Christy Lee on the early morning newscast!!



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