September 2015 Ratings Results


The ratings results for the month of September are in! How did your favorite station do?

Morning Highlights (A25-54 demo):

  • WFXT wins at 4:30am, slightly ahead of WCVB.
  • WCVB wins at 5am, with WFXT, WHDH, and WBZ following.
  • WCVB holds a sizable lead at 6am, with their 2.3 rating being followed by WHDH’s 1.4.
  • The Today Show on WHDH is the most watched program during the 7-9am, followed by Good Morning America on ABC, the FOX 25 Morning News, and CBS This Morning.

Noon Highlights (A25-54 demo):

  • WHDH held their lead at noon over WCVB, with their 0.9 rating winning over WCVB’s 0.7 followed by WBZ’s 0.3.

Evening Highlights (A25-54 demo):

  • WHDH overtook WCVB at 5pm, getting a 1.4 rating over WCVB’s 1.3.
  • WCVB won at 6pm with WHDH followin behind

Late News (A25-54 demo):

  • WHDH showed a strong performance at 11pm, almost a full rating point ahead of WCVB and WFXT.
  • WFXT won at 10pm, but their lead dropped slightly during the month with WLVI winning some nights after Maria Stephanos’ departure, but not the month as a whole. (Note: It should be interesting to see what happens next month.)

WCVB finished 1st across most newscasts in the Total Viewers and Household demographics.


WCVB Press Release

The WFXT Press Release will be posted when we receive it.

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