NECN’s anchor lineup is as follows:

  • Steve Aveson – weekday mornings and afternoons
  • Bridget Blythe – weekday mornings and afternoons
  • Jackie Bruno – weekend evenings
  • Latoyia Edwards – weekday afternoons and weeknights
  • Leslie Gaydos – weekend mornings and afternoons
  • Kristy Lee – weekday mornings
  • Mike Nikitas – weekday afternoons and weeknights
  • Brian Shactman – weekday mornings

One comment

  • I have been an NECN viewer since the beginning. It is painful to watch Jackie Bruno anchor since she makes lots of mistakes and obviously doesn’t read her script or whatever it is before she reads it on the air. Also she never pronounces words with a T or D correctly. It is Newton with a T! Brian Burnell needs to go back to reporting. He must have a lot of coffee or Red Bull before he goes on the air in the monring!


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